What is a Pen Drive? Learn All About It Here

What is a pen drive? It is a portable device also known as a storage device.

Definition of Pen Drive

It is also known as an external storage device. A pen drive is a small device, just as a pen is a device of exactly the same size. Its shape and texture are like that of a pen. The earlier floppy disk was used for data storage but now a pen drive is used in place of the floppy disk.

This small external storage device can be easily carried anywhere. Because it is a small device that can easily be kept in a pocket too.

Its size, weight, texture, and design are very good, in addition to photo images and video audio text, it can store all kinds of computer.

Most pen drives are used for material storage ranging from 8GB to 32 GB. In which even heavy documents can be kept easily.

What is pen drive

Let’s Understand With an Example

Earlier floppy disks were used to store data. But in place of the floppy disk, at present data is stored in a USB. When any information from the computer has to be put in any external device, then a pen drive is a great external device for that.

In which the file of the computer is stored in the pen drive. In this way, data is stored in the pen drive and used from one place to another.

1. File Transfer

One can easily connect a pen drive to the USB port of any computer and store photos, images, audio, and video files from a computer to an external device.

After that, you can transfer the data stored in the external storage device to another computer in any other computer system at any other location.

2. Portable Device

It is a small lightweight device that is very easy to carry from one place to another.

3. For Backup Storage

It is also mostly used for backing up the data of the computer system to an external device. By putting a password in an external pen drive, the folder can be kept safe as a backup.

In which any important information can be stored. Sometimes it happens that the data of the computer gets destroyed for some reason. At that time the backup file taken in the pen drive is again restored to the computer.

4. Data Transport

The data of any institution is stored and transported to some other place. Because in a big organization files and lectures are easily transported to another place.

5. For Promotion

PowerPoint presentation is made to promote business in big organizations. Which is stored on a USB and through it in effective ways the business is promoted through a lecture. Where people are represented by pen drive-through conference seminars in an organization.

Some Famous Manufacturers 

  • SanDisk
  • HP
  • Kingston
  • Moser Baer
  • iBall
  • Transcend


We all know that a pen drive is also known as a USB flash hub. Which is very famous in the computer IT world. so, a pen drive is an amazing data replacement system. Now let’s come to know about the advantages below in the list.

  • A USB hub can store the biggest file, although its size ranges from 64 MB to 128 GB.
  • Its texture is very small, and the design is excellent, which can be easily restored.
  • A computer can also be used for bootable.
  • It transfers data from one computer to another at a very high speed.
  • It is a secondary storage device.
  • A disk is also used as a storage disk that can be easily transported in a pocket.
  • A Floppy disk is not a perishable system like a CD or DVD hub because it does not get scratched very quickly.


  • This is a very small USB flash disk that can get lost very soon.
  • Viruses can also be spread from one computer to another during data transfer from one computer to another.
  • Unlike SSDs and hard disks, it does not have a lot of storage capacity.
  • Due to its small size, it can be easily lost from the pocket.


What is a pen drive?

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