What is Wordart in MS word, Uses & advantages.

Wordart in ms word in detail. What is Wordart in MS word? Amazing feature to make some beautiful text. It is very necessary to create beautiful text. Use this option to make text moderative.

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What is Wordart in MS word?

WordArt is made up of two words. Which means to furnish the word with art. WordArt is a text stylization tool. Which is used to stylize any text inside Microsoft Word or in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.

With the help of this great feature, the outline of any text can be made as a 3D effect as well as a gradient shadow. This option gives beauty to any text or line.

Word Art provides a variety of options for creating different textures of a word. This amazing option is given in the text block inside the Insert menu tab of MS Word. Which can be easily used to make any text decorative.

When we click on the option of WordArt, then there are groups of different types of word art that appear at the bottom, now to use any of the word art options given in these, we will click on it after which the text The form will look very beautiful.

When we use the word art, we can also show different forms of a word. For that, apart from the size of the text, you can show that word as bold, or italic. Apart from this, the word on which you apply this feature can also be set as crooked or different shapes.

When word art is applied to a word. After that, you can increase or decrease the size of that word by mouse from top to bottom right left.

In this, after applying word art, a lot of options have also been given to make any kind of changes like you can edit that word again, apart from setting its position. If you want to change the alignment of that text, then you can change that too.

What is Wordart in MS word

Uses of WordArt 

  • Open Microsoft word
  • Type or make any new document
Wordart in ms word in details1

  • Select a particular word text line more visible
  • Visit insert tab
  • Text block
  • A single click on the art option
Wordart in ms word in details2

  • See more designs here
  • choose on and click on
Wordart in ms word in details3

  • ok
  • Beautiful as seen in the picture above.

Format option meaning

Edit text – Edit the text easy to use this option.

Spacing – to use this option click on spacing this option is used to put text in normal format or tight, very tight, etc.

Even height –  This option is used to make all words the same height.

Alignment – to set an alignment formatting then you can use this option to justify your text bold your text edit your text.

Wordart style – Change the word artist style to click one art style.

Shape fill – Fill the shape with a solid color like gradient and texture.

Shape outline – To set the outline. 

Change shape –  change the text shape like a circle, triangle, etc.

Shadow effects – To give shadow effects.

Position – To set a position.

Text wrapping – To change the way of text moves in the normal way.

Rotate – Rotate the paragraph at a 90-degree angle or different types of angles.

Height – To set height in increasing order or decreasing order.

Width – To increase or decrease the size of the line text you can use this option.

These are all options for text editing word art after creating.


What is Wordart in MS word.


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