What is wordpad 12+ amazing features & uses of Wordpad

what is Wordpad? Wordpad is a basic simple word processor program. That is used for text writing etc. Because it has no more features like MS word.

What is Wordpad

WordPad is a simple text editor program. in which text can be printed, fonts can be changed to different forms such as black, white, or many other colors as well as it can be spell check, text bold italic Underline strikethrough fonts family font size grow fonts shrink fonts, etc Options can be used.

 It has two or three main menu bars as in the file, home, and view. It is a simple-to-use text editor program that comes with Microsoft Windows operating system.

 The way some options given in MS Word are used, in the same way, there is some similar option but there is a lot of difference between the two because not many features are available in Wordpad. Only any text can be written in it and only some essential features can be used in it.


 The main advantage of this simple editor is that it does not have to be put into the computer separately, it is present in every computer along with the operating system.

It does not cost money to use this software and there is also a free text editor program in which letters or any other type of text can be easily written. How to add comments in word

What is wordpad

Microsoft attached a Wordpad program with windows 95. After that, it’s included in all windows operating systems.

  • Therefore there is no need to install Wordpad.
  • There are three menu bars.

How to open the computer


  • Start menu 
  • After that go to  windows accessories
  • Then click on Wordpad


  • Go to the window search box
  • Then write Wordpad
  • After that press enter.


  • For this press the windows button plus R together
  • After that type WordPad
  • Then press enter


wordpad features

Title bar – We can see the name of a particular document in the title bar. When a file is saved with any name. 

Quick access toolbar – We can save the document, undo it, and redo the document. We can also change and remove the option of quick-access toolbar.

Minimize – Minimize the document.

Maximize – This option is used to maximize the window.

Close – if you want to close the document then click on the close option.

Ruler – Set the left-right paragraph starting and ending points then you can use this ruler option.

Zoom out – To do a small size of the page then you click on the zoom out option.

Zoom in – zoom the page size, and maximize the page size.

Menu bar 


New – to create a new document

Open – Open previously saved WordPad documents.

Save – The active document.

Save as –  Different format and different file names also.

Print- To print any document.

Page setup – To set different sizes, positions, etc.

Send in the mail – Directly send a mail to others.

Exit – To close the particular open document.

Home tab

Clipboard – in this block find the cut-copy-paste option.

Font block – Font face,  font size, bold, Italic, underline, superscript, script, strikethrough, grow font, shrink font, text color, text highlight color.

Paragraph block – Decrease indent, increase indent, start a list, line spacing, etc. you can set text alignment left right center, etc.

Insert block – Insert a picture, you can insert date and time, etc. You can also insert an object.

Editing block – Find any text or you can replace any word with the help of replacing option in the editing block.

View tab

There are lots of features in this tab. Example zoom and more.

we can set the page margin of the document.


  • No need to buy software
  • Wordpad is a basic simple text editing program.
  • You can easily insert time data, image objects, etc


What is the extension?

By default extension is. RTF.

What is the name of the executable file?

Executable file name wordpad.exe.


what is Wordpad?

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